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Mold Remover

Mold Magician is a natural organic solution to using harsh chemical mold cleaning products. It is a 100% organic, safe, chemical-free  mold removing product.

Mold Magician Organic Mold Remover

The ingredients in Mold Magician have been battle tested in post Katrina where the mold in the aftermath of the flooding reached epidemic proportions.

How Mold Magician Works:

Mold Magician contains a mixture of live beneficial healthy microbes that help to clean mold through competitive exclusion. They dominate the environment and compete for the food sources mold needs.

How To Use Mold Magician

Mold Magician is ready to use. Apply it liberally to all surfaces by using a spray bottle, a clean garden sprayer, a mop bucket, or a cleaning rag. Brush as needed and wipe with a clean damp cloth or mop. Allow area to dry thoroughly. Reapply as needed.

Organic Mold MagicianMold is a microorganism or microbe, a normal part of nature and is found throughout the world.  Mold grows through its tiny seeds called spores. These spores float through our homes in small quantities during the course of a typical day causing no problems – unless the spores find a place to grow.

Mold needs water and a food source to grow and, given the right conditions, can become a problem in as little as 24-36 hours. One mold can have up to 10,000 spores and when you can see mold it has colonized with thousands of individual mold.

A quick study in Microorganisms

What’s a Microbe?  Microbes or microorganisms are living cells that are too small to be seen with the naked eye and must be viewed through a microscope. The naked eye is only able to detect the presence of microbes once they have multiplied to the hundreds of thousands. And under the right conditions, microbes can double in number every 15-20 minutes. Types of microorganisms include bacteria, algae and fungi or mold. Sampling and inspecting for mold is vital today.

Microorganisms fall into three general groups: beneficial, destructive and neutral.

  • The neutral microbes comprise about 90% of the total:  The neutral microbes have a tendency to mirror the behavior of the dominant group.
  • The beneficial microbes comprise around 5%: Healthy environments are led by beneficial microbes
  • The destructive microbes comprise about 5%: Toxic mold environments are headed up by the destructive (pathogenic) microbes.

Mold Magician, is a formidable group of beneficial microorganisms, that take the dominate leadership role in the environment and cause the neutral microbes to shift from a destructive role to a constructive role.  Pathogenic mold can thrive no more.

Microorganisms Chart

Attention Mold Remediation Professionals
Mold Magician is also the product of choice for professional mold clean-up contractors.

  • As a 100% organic green product you will also have the peace of mind knowing you are helping the environment when using Mold Magician.
  • Mold, as it is referred to, are destructive microorganisms that cause damage to building materials and poses health risks to humans and pets ranging from allergic reactions to more serious health problems.


You can purchase Mold Magician at our on-line store HERE

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