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Mold Free Homes

Mold Free Homes
By Clifford Woods

Keeping a mold free home can sometimes be a real chore that if not properly taken care of, can really get away from you, especially if you live in an area that has a lot of wetness or humidity during specific times of the year. But there are many ways that you can make a mold free home without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars.

You can do it all naturally and get your home mold free in no time. You can feel confident that what you are doing is good for both the environment and for the people who live in your home as well. People can get very sick if constantly exposed to mold and mildew, so it’s a good idea if you think you have mold to start working on it right away.

The easiest way that you can get rid of and kill mold is by fresh air and sunlight. You can get rid of mold or mildew on your laundry by allowing it to dry outside on a line. Move other smaller items outside as well, but make sure that you move them back into the house before it rains or the sprinklers come on, because that will worsen the mold problem at hand.

If you have a space in the house that has mold or the smell of mildew, you can provide light from grow lights that mimic the sunlight and you can also put a fan into a window to get the air moving around inside the room as well. These simple things will really help keep a mold free home.

mold free homesNow, if you can see the mold on the walls or on your bathroom stall, then what you can do is make yourself a mixture of either all organic vinegar that you can buy from any health food store. The vinegar alone will help you get rid of almost all of the mold and mildew on contact and you don’t even need to wipe it clean, you can just spray and walk away (if you can endure the smell), because that will last until the vinegar dries.

Of course, you can make your own mixtures for natural mold removers by mixing together fresh spring water with organic oils, like tea tree oil or grape seed oil. The tee tree oil will be a bit more expensive and have an odor, but most people find the scent of it quite nice.

The grape seed oil usually costs a bit less and has absolutely no odor and both of these will help to kill the mold on contact, but its best go to back and scrub the walls or areas of the home that has the mold in it with a rough brush or a sponge with a course edge.

You can also add a bit of baking soda to the brush or sponge and this will ensure that you are getting up the rest of the mold or mildew that’s been left behind. You will have your home mold free in absolutely no time if you use all these organic and natural ways.


Clifford Woods is the CEO of Effective Environmental Services and Organic Environmental Technology

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